Windshield repair

Sudden changes in temperature adversely affect not only on the health, but also on the strength of the windshield of your car. It causes cracks and spoils the appearance.

Windshield repair

If you find in your car this unpleasant defect, seal it with tape to keep out dirt and go to the body shop. You should hurry with the renovation, because cracks have the property to increase. And then you have to pay a lot more.

If you do not pull with the repair, the experts will be able to recover glass efficiently and effectively and chips and cracks will be quite unnoticeable.

Such damages on glass is very difficult to review and may lead to an emergency situation. And it is also unsafe for the driver and passengers.

Repair of chips – technology is not so complicated as it seems, but only with special equipment. Damage glass can be of two types, there are cleavage (asterisk), a consequence of falling stones, etc. and crack. Embedding technology reduces the cleavage to be filled with a special polymer, and subsequent exposure by ultraviolet radiation and then it is polished. Repair cracks – the ends of the crack are stopped drilling to the crack will not growing. Then it is just filled by polymer and is dried by UV and also it is polished.

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