The consequences of the use of the cheapest filters in your car.

The market sellers always offer a choice – buy cheap or expensive filters. If the task is to bring the engine down, it is better to buy the ones that are cheaper. Producing a counterfeit oil filter it is possible, firstly, to save on the filter element (it will not delay the fine particles), and secondly, to establish the emergency valve defective (if it gets stuck, the oil will go past the filter). All this is fraught with engine failure.

filters car

The same applies to other filters. Every thousand kilometers fuel filter collects about 50 g of dust, which, of course, protects the engine and the fuel pump. If it is cheap and can’t cope with this task, the engine will not last long. Also help to “murder” will have a cheap air filter – if it breaks due to poor-quality paper, all the dust rush straight to the motor. Guaranteed consequences – major repairs.

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