Jeep Alternator Replacement

Alright is your jeep not charge any more is it leave you stranded because of a dead battery only to charge only drive little while this videos for your changing the alternator is actually a pretty simple job will probably take you I don’t know. Couple beers half hour around their tops and it was this get started now to work on the alternator it’s always a good. Practice to disconnect the battery things are going to disconnect them. And for the negative off first.
Jeep Alternator Replacement┬áNow for the alternator cost went through this operettas or the way here there’s only 2 bolts remove one here. And one right down there and then you got your battery cable on the box and then your other cable 3 of power supply. On the other end. Soon you do this job you are disconnecting there your negative or positive have one of them are both from disconnected and then we could pull the alternator off verse is moving the alternator you wanna pull this electrical connection off. You want to pull the battery cable calling off that. It. Make sure your browser is disconnected. Alright let’s remove this belt. Heirs to bowl yank go.

Little And But I Alright disrobe sit right now got the alternator off the alternator bracket off that need to get a new pulley. Now it’s pretty much all I got that’s barrel to leader on the ground I’m gonna put all of that was when it was on because I know that works. With a good bearing the rules moons because a role rougher fast like the other one did. And no. We put new bearings in this little put them back on to ferret this alternator came with the engine when I had originally bought it so we’re going to stick it and see if this alternator works or not. We’re gonna find out pretty soon. In theory.

Alternator should just go right back in place pretty easy. Backers that there is a case Elliot out rubber mallet. Sometimes as being a stubborn little you need to put a line up bar in there just to get the holes lined. And that’s the mother PBR cheers but you’re all done remember to put your belt after you 2 connections in the back and re hook up your battery and then you’re ready to start and make sure everything’s a okay.

The big my part for the cold by voices cut off again summertime pulled lever not all that happens anyways I that’s pretty quick video put the belt back up connections back John far the up and hope your battery geeks right on the 14 full mark if it is you get to go if not I’m really gets issues anyways idea going 30 questions comments post a blow otherwise it’s time to get hammered.

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