Looks like you'll have to stick to just pouring your own damn adult beverage of choice in those morning Grandes. The Chronicle reports that Starbucks has decided to withdraw its application for a beer and wine license at three of its San Francisco coffee shops after running into opposition from both the Board of Supervisors and SFPD.

According to the paper, the three locations that almost allowed you to drunkenly tell your boss with a straight face that you had "only stepped out to Starbucks for a quick cup" were 565 Clay Street in the Financial District, 280 King Street near AT&T Park and 685 Beach Street at Fisherman’s Wharf.

“The department hopes this sends a loud message to state regulators who supported these licenses that they need to recognize the concerns of our community and our local government,” said SFPD ABC liaison Lieutenant Dave Falzon.

The attempt to sell beer and wine was part of a larger move, called Starbucks Evenings, that sought to make the daytime hangouts double as evening chill spots. "We’ve always been your neighborhood morning stop—a place to help you start your day," reads marketing copy describing the nocturnal plan. "Now we’re bringing a little delight to your evenings too. [...] So take a moment to unwind, meet up with friends and enjoy a glass of wine and a delicious little something—with us."

Hmm, perhaps SFPD was just trying to save us all from our own bad taste?

Regarless, it looks like the company hasn't given up: “We will continue to thoughtfully assess the opportunity to expand the menu in the future while working with partnership with the city,” Starbucks spokeswoman Linda Mills explained to the Financial Times. So, come this holiday season, you may be able drink booze out of your Starbucks red cup after all.

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