The Oakland Roots men’s soccer team and Oakland Soul women’s team have released renderings of their new proposed stadium designs, for if and when they move into their new home next to the Oakland Coliseum.

The Oakland pro soccer team Oakland Roots had traditionally played at Laney College, but this season moved their games to the fields of California State University, East Bay, where they will play next season as well. But both are interim homes, as the team, as well as its women’s soccer counterpart Oakland Soul, have been publicly proclaiming their desires for a soccer stadium next to the Oakland Coliseum.

That’s far from being a reality, but the teams are moving forward with proposals. And to that end, KTVU reports they released renderings of the proposed new stadium, and are asking for public feedback.

The Roots and Soul said in a joint announcement, “This survey represents the latest step in the club’s community engagement process ahead of the construction of Oakland’s first, dedicated pro soccer stadium for the 2025 USL Championship and USL Super League seasons.”

There are a few more renderings on this survey page, which says the “Oakland Roots and Oakland Soul are seeking feedback from fans and the local community to help shape the game day atmosphere and fan experience at the proposed Malibu Lot interim stadium located adjacent to the Oakland Coliseum."

The stadium would be on an unoccupied far corner of the Coliseum site known as the Malibu Lot. The location and plans are explained in the video below, from April.

The Coliseum stadium deal would also be an interim site, and it is nowhere near being approved yet. The clubs have teamed with the African American Sports & Entertainment Group to try to get approval for a temporary stadium on the half of the Oakland Coliseum property owned by the City of Oakland. The African American Sports & Entertainment Group is also trying to get Oakland a WNBA expansion team.

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Image: Oakland Roots