Bridgestone will improve fuel efficiency.

BridgestoneBridgestone has introduced a new technology to produce its tires, which can improve fuel efficiency.
To do this, Bridgestone will use silica as an additive in natural rubber, which had not previously been able to mix well with the tires, which led to a loss of power while driving.

Now, together with the corporation Kao engaged in research in chemistry in 1887, the Bridgestone company was able to create an active ingredient from plants, which improves the quality of silica mixing.

“In addition to tires Ecopia EX20, we plan to introduce this technology in our other tires. We’ll start with using them on large tires and gradually move to the export abroad. We will continue further to cooperate with Kao, creating high-quality products, tail light chrysler town country
and solving problems that arise together, “- said the expert of department Bridgestone Masahiro Hojo.

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