2016 Dodge Challenger SRT HELLCAT – Review

Dodge Challenger SRT HELLCATWhat’s up guys good driver via 2019 has our genes challenger Hellcat. This We got us a contract signed here though out of our culture club in Joliet Illinois above what the track was a little busy so decide just pop in the road for a little bit of only under your other Dodge Challengers had any SRT Hellcat, actually go out in the rain it’s accessed, so I’m like really really get into driver in dry weather so got the red key active right now for this challenger SRT. Okay outs which delivers the full 7 of 7 horsepower.

In absolute dispassionate this thing is so markers and I you know I just got out of the the Chevrolet SS with foreign 15 horsepower. Car headlights are super great, that shine very brightly, and besides, still and beautiful Challenger headlights. Like it’s so severity to describe the those Chevrolet SS in Florida, goes far when this thing is what should. I thought of a cool 300 more almost almost double as was pointed out sounds pretty pretty bonkers.

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